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The 2015 Artificial Intelligence Achievement Awards

The Awards.AI is pleased to announce the official launch of the AI Achievement Awards 2015.


This will be an annual event to celebrate the achievements of the AI community in developing new algorithms, products and services across a number of different categories and industries. These are global awards, and so any company or person in any country can be nominated for these awards.


The winners of the awards will be announced in 14th January 2016, however, the categories are now listed below and open for people to register their vote in each category. Voting closes 31st December 2015.


It is completely free to vote, just fill in the details below with your nomination per category. Terms and conditions apply, see below for details.


Cast your votes and support the Artificial Intelligence Industry and the AI Awards.


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The 2015 AI Awards Categories

1) Best AI Startup

The Startup company should be less than five years old, and with fewer than 20 employees and be developing some AI or ML related product or service, either to consumer or business users. The company can be based in any country in the world.

2) Best Consumer Application of AI

Any consumer application in the form of website or phone app that uses AI to provide the service. The application should be live and demonstrable.

3) Best AI in the Enterprise

Any business to business application of AI providing a business service or product. The application can be from either a startup or established company

4) Best use of AI in Robotics

Application of AI specifically for robotics, excluding vision applications (another category).

5) Best use of AI in Vision

Application of AI for vision. Vision applications can include working with robotics for motion and movement or for classification and recognition applications of images

6) Best use of AI in Education

Application of AI for the purposes of education. This can be for use with children’s education, university students or self taught online training

7) Best use of AI in FinTech

Application of AI in the Financial Tech Industry. Can be applications developed by Investment Banks, Retail Banks, Hedge Funds, Consultancy and Service Companies or FinTech Startups

8) AI Person of the Year

Person who has contributed most to the AI community in 2015. Either works for a company developing AI, is an academic or researcher in the field, or is supporting the AI community in some way.

9) AI Company of the Year

Company that has contributed most to the AI community in 2015, again this can be a corporate or startup, based in any country around the world.

10) AI Application of the Year

Overall the best AI application for 2015. Considered the application that contributes the most to advancing the field of AI

Your Nominations for the 2015 AI Awards

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Terms & Conditions

  1. This is a global awards and can include any company or person in any country.
  2. The definition of “Best” is obviously subjective, it is for the individual voters to decide what they consider to be best.
  3. All votes will be counted and used to select the winner.
  4. If no votes have been received for a given category then the judge will select a winner and the judge’s decision is final.
  5. If a draw on votes for a given category, then the Awards.AI judge will make a final decision.
  6. One vote per category per person / email address.
  7. Any attempt to bias the voting, will be investigated and corrected.
  8. The winners will be announced by 31st December 2015 and will receive an award trophy by 30th Jan 2016.
  9. There is no cash alternative for the winners.
  10. A company or person can win more than one category.
  11. Awards.AI reserves the right to alter the terms and conditions at any time.
  12. we may add or remove categories based on feedback from the AI community.


We are looking for corporate sponsors for both the 2015 and 2016 Awards. Please see Informed.AI/sponsors for more details

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