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Please use the below form to submit your nominations to the 2019 AI Awards.
If you have any questions about submitting a nomination for the AI Awards, please take a look at our guidelines first, if you still have a question please use our contact us page.



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Please provide your own details first, and also confirm your relationship to the nominated company.

If you are not related to the company you are nominating, but would like to attend the UK Showcase Event and/or the Awards Ceremony please let us know so we can email you details of how to purchase tickets to the events.


Your Nomination

Now provide information on your nomination. Please supply as much information as you can as this will be used by the judging panel to shortlist nominations.

Provide Company Website or for an individual nomination, please give either LinkedIn profile, personal website, facebook page or twitter handle.

Please help us understand the main locations of operation of the company. Are they just based in one country or do they operate in several, if so which ones? If international then just specify global.

Who can we contact at the Nominated Company?
If the nomination is shortlisted we will need to contact someone at the company to inform them, if this is not you, please can you provide the name and email address of someone we can contact (if you know).

Refer to for more information on the awards categories.

Please provide a summary Profile of the Company being nominated.

Please provide evidence to support the nomination. This information is vital for the judging panel to determine if the nomination should be shortlisted.

Please provide additional information about the nominated company or individual that will support the nomination

Company Showcase Attendance

If you are not a representative of the company being nominated please skip this section.

Those nominations that are shortlisted by our Judging panel will have an opportunity to Showcase their AI product at one of our Showcase events. We will be having a three Showcases, one will be in the UK at an AI Conference, another two virtual events will be scheduled for USA and APAC timezones.

These Showcases will be attended by our Judges and will help us make final decisions on the winners for each Award category. We will also be Awarding Special Best in Show awards for one of the companies at each Showcase.

Please indicate which Showcase the company would be happy to attend. (See Programme Schedule for dates of Showcases).


Awards Dinner & Ceremony

If you are not a representative of the company being nominated please skip this section.

Those nominations that are shortlisted will be invited to attend the Awards Dinner & Ceremony in the UK.

Please help us with our capacity planning and indicate how many people you would like to attend from your company.

Note the estimated cost for tickets is approximately £100 per person