About Us

The Global Annual Achievement Awards

for Artificial Intelligence

Awards.AI is the first and biggest global annual achievement awards for artificial intelligence. Our focus is to support the AI community by recognising the hard work and dedication of those working in the field.

The Awards focus on different areas, from Innovation & Research to Applied Applications across many different Industry sectors. We are now looking to add specific awards that help drive research and development of Artificial General Intelligence capabilities. 

Founded in 2015, Awards.AI was part of the Informed.AI Media Group which runs a number of community websites supporting the area of Artificial Intelligence. Our manifesto is to help support those interested to learn more about the field of AI, from students, to academic researchers and everyone in-between. Now the group has been renamed to the Wisdom Works Group and provides consulting services to companies looking to adopt AI technologies. Other websites in our network include Events.AI and Neurons.AI. We also run various events, from an Annual Conference to one day special interest forums, roundtables and meet-ups. 

Professor Andy Pardoe is the founder and group CEO of the Wisdom Group, a leading expert in Artificial Intelligence and listed as a global AI influencer by IBM Watson. Learn more at Pardoe.AI

Some of our Happy Winners