The Global Annual Achievement Awards

for Artificial General Intelligence


Now in our 6th Awards


with a renewed focused on advancing Artificial General Intelligence



The first and biggest independent Global Annual Achievement Awards for Artificial Intelligence having its own team of expert judges and a programme of activities and events throughout the year including Showcase events. Part of the Wisdom Works Group which has a mission to support the AI community via its AI knowledge platform and education ecosystem.


Awards.AI is the first and biggest global annual achievement awards for artificial intelligence. Our focus is to support the AI community by recognising the hard work and dedication of those working in the field. Now in our sixth year, last year we had 60 award winners, highlighting achievements in a number of industries and ranging from start-ups, established companies and individuals.

This year we are changing the focus so we have a number of different Awards, including:

  • The Artificial General Intelligence Gold Awards
  • The AGI Special Awards

This allows us to highlight the different areas of AI advancement, especially those around Artificial General Intelligence.

Founded in 2015, Awards.AI is part of the Wisdom Works Group which runs a number of community websites supporting the area of Artificial Intelligence. Our manifesto is to help support those interested to learn more about the field of AI, from students to academic researchers and everyone in-between. Other knowledge portals and events can be found at Neurons.AI.

To find out more about the current awards, please check out the Programme page. If you would like to be a Judge or Sponsor see the details on the related pages.

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