What a day, our first AI Awards Showcase Event was a huge success.

Firstly a big thank you to our hosts, the Robotics and AI Conference “The Main Event”. The conference director, Christina, has been a fantastic supporter and advocate of the AI Awards and provided a lot of help and guidance over the course of the last few months and weeks to help us make sure the Showcase was as good as it could be.

The Awards process has been very different this year to previous years, and we are continuously improving how we do this. For the first time we have a wonderful panel of international judges who have been helping to shortlist the original nominations. We then took those shortlisted and invited them to attend the Showcase in London. Part of the challenge with these Awards is that they truly are global. We have nominated companies from every corner of the world, and finding a location that suites everyone is very difficult. Given the success of this first Showcase, we will no doubt be looking to host multiple showcases in different locations to allow more of the shortlisted companies the opportunity to showcase their AI products.

For our London event, we had six companies showcase their products, including TCS Optumera, Cisco, Conversica, Rainbird, MXX Music and Scaled Insights by IMC BA. They covered a range of industries and applications and demonstrated some amazing and innovative AI solutions, which made the process of selecting a winner on the day even more difficult.

Another big thank you to our amazing judges, who did a fantastic job despite it being a very difficult and challenging task. But one of the companies would be awarded the Best in Show Award at the end of the day.

The atmosphere throughout the day was very friendly and positive, with new connections being made across the competing firms, and with the AI conference attendees too.

During the networking and drinks at the end of the conference, Dr Andy Pardoe, Founder of Informed.AI and the AI Awards, congratulated all the companies, and stressed that the judging was very closely contended. But the winner on the day was MXX Music.

Well done to Ken, Joe and the team at MXX.

Next Steps

This is just the start of the 3rd Annual Achievement Awards for Artificial Intelligence.

Our judges will be busy over the coming weeks to make final decisions on the winners.

All winners across all 40+ categories we have received nominations for will be announced at a special event in December (11th in London). Winners will be notified ahead of time to be invited to attend and to arrange the marketing and promotion for the winners.

Notes to Editors:

About MXX 

MXX (Mashtraxx Ltd) is a creative AI technology company, which has developed the world’s first AI engine that atomises and re-constructs music to video instantly.

The MXX technology is the only artificially intelligent music editor that can work on the stereo file alone, without the need for stems, and can adapt the narrative to fit a brief just like a music editor would.

With the MXX products, music can be adapted to perfectly wrap around certain experiences such as UGC of different lengths and forms; users workouts and runs; computer game dynamic narratives; and object-based media viewing of dynamic lengths. This presents a new future for music in itself, as music is one of the few remaining static artefacts in a world where all media needs to be more dynamic and flexible.

The first MXX product, Audition Pro, enables anyone to edit music against video with intensity rises, fades, dropouts and climax points, load any track, and immediately listen to the edited track, and makes responding to the demands of today’s media fast and simple.

MXX clients and partners include:Warner Music Group, BBH, Mother, J. Walter Thompson, Leland Music, Royle Productions Ltd, Cutting Edge Group, SoundVault, BMG Production Music, EMI Production Music, PureSync, Pedigree Cuts.

About Awards.AI

Awards.AI is the first and biggest global annual achievement awards for artificial intelligence. Our focus is to support the AI community by recognising the hard work and dedication of those working in the field. In 2017 Awards.AI saw 17 award winners, highlighting achievements in a number of industries and ranging from start-ups, established companies and individuals. In 2018 this number has increased to 40+ Awards across 6 award categories, with the winners being announced in December.